About us

Established in 1990, KUKJE ST Co., Ltd. has acquired over 100 intellectual property rights through continues to invest in product research and development.

Since 2001, the company has grown as a specialized manufacturer of road safety products and landscape facilities.

In addition, by establishing a technology research center, we have committed ourselves in research, development, design, production and construction of products based on 28 years of accumulated technology and know-how, to provide all services from design to construction to satisfy customers’ needs. With exceptional taste of design and client need-based workflow and high quality outcome, clients have been expressing satisfaction and maintaining the favorable relationships.

We continue to put our best effort to be a company that can always satisfy our customers.


We will contribute to customer satisfaction with an excellent product line produced based on the best technology.


Guardrail is designed to prevent car rollover caused by crossing the sidelines and car accidents caused by road debris at waysides.

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Fence is designed to be grasped by the hand so as to provide stability or support.

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Footbridge is a footpath that is installed next to bridges or retaining walls.

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Bridge Barrier

Bridge rail is designed to reduce damages of car crash accidents caused by crossing the centerline and falling off edge of the bridges.

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Technical Support

We satisfy customers’ needs based on several certificates recognized for their excellent technology.


We are proud of advanced technology by holding various certificates.

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Intellectual Property

We secure technology through various intellectual property rights.

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Test report

There are test reports that have been safety checked for all product lines.

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Provides high reliability through projects that have accumulated
many construction experiences.

We will guide you through various projects with guardrails installed.

Check out the various projects with 6 types of fences installed.

You can see the development after construction through pictures before and after the footbridge was constructed.

Three types of Bridge Barrier are available with more diverse options.

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Company events, company news, etc. are continuously added.

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